1) What is the Company of St. Ursula?

We are a group of single lay women, consecrated to Christ in life-long celibacy, who seek to follow the Gospel along the spiritual path of Angela Merici.

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2) What is your mission?

3) What is a ‘Company’?

4) Why Saint Ursula?

5) Is this a religious community?

6) What is the difference between this way of life and religious life?

7) How do you experience community?

8) Is the Company like an association?

9) What is a secular institute?

10) How are members supported financially?

10) How are members supported financially?

11) What is new or innovative about this life?

12) Who is Angela Merici?

13) Did you say “celibacy”?

14) What do you DO?

15) Must I leave my job to join the Company?

16) Is there an age requirement?

17) How would I explore becoming a member of the Company?


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